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UNITED 3 Reed Combo Cut Mouth Call (Red)

UNITED 3 Reed Combo Cut Mouth Call (Red)

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If you’re looking for a call that can do it all look no further. This mouthcall has the ability to produce a wide range of turkey sounds. From raspy yelps and cutts when locating, to sweet soft purrs and clucks needed to seal the deal, the 3-reed combo cut is the way to go. It can be used by any skill-level caller. This call allows for easy transitions, whether you're trying to locate a longbeard or finish one up close, this call has it all.

• 3-reed Combo Cut– easy-to-control combo cut, sweet soft calls as well as rasp
• Reliable call that can be operated by any skill level of caller
• Easy transition from the clear front note to the nasally raspy back end on yelps
• Made in the USA
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