Our Story

Jimmy Wren | Co-Founder

Jimmy grew up on the banks of the Susquehanna flats of Harve De Grace, Maryland, where waterfowl hunting was a way of life. At an early age, he found himself intrigued by the history of waterfowl hunting and how it provided for his community. However, he would have never guessed his love of hunting would turn into his way of life.

What was once just a hobby, learned from his father Tommy and Uncle John at a young age, quickly turned into a passion and eventually a job. In the fall of 1999, Jimmy took his first guiding job with Black Duck Outfitters and it was like a dream come true. In 2000, he became a Zink Call’s Pro-staffer and began contest calling, promoting the calls, and giving seminars on waterfowl hunting at events all over.

In 2002, he took a guiding job working for Stanfield in Knox City, Texas. He worked there for 3 years before taking a full-time job at Zink Calls. Moving to Ohio and working for the Zinks was intimidating at such a young age, but that fear wasn’t going to stop him from achieving his lifelong dream.

During his time at Zink, Jimmy learned from and hunted with the best in the business. He helped design, build, tune, and sell thousands of calls worldwide. In 2021, Jimmy left Avian-X and Zink Calls due to the company being sold. Having spent over half of his life building hunting products, decoys, and calls, he knew he couldn’t stop now. That is where United Call Works comes in. His favorite part of working in the hunting industry was how it brought everyone together over a shared passion. Jimmy felt it only made sense to bring everyone back together and help those who helped him along the way, hence the name, United Call Works. His goal is to not only design and create his own premium calls but also help others in the industry by manufacturing and providing materials made right here in the USA.

“It is a way to pass something onto the next generation; I want my kids and your kids to have the same opportunities, if not better, than we did growing up. My goal has been the same since before we even started the company. It is to design, build, and provide products, along with the knowledge, that can make us all more successful in the field”
- Jimmy Wren.

Casey Schultz | Co-Founder

Casey has been obsessed with hunting since he was introduced to the sport around the of age 14. Chasing ducks on the big water of Lake Erie here in Ohio, and hunting whitetails with his bow, has consumed most of his free time in the fall and winter months. Today he is more in love with the sport than ever. Chasing spring gobblers with his two daughters, Bailey and Avery; those crisp, clear early morning boat rides to the spot on the lake, and frigid late season sits in the tree, hit a little differently for him. Casey has always found himself thinking of ways to improve existing hunting products, or creating his own, to make his hunts more successful or enjoyable. 

Casey graduated high school in 2003 pursuing a tool and die/machinist career, which he achieved through a 4-year apprenticeship program resulting in a journeyman’s card in machining. He has been a CNC machine tool programmer/lead machinist for going on 20 years.

In 2018, he started his own machine shop (B&A Machining LLC) in a good friend’s shop, focusing on general overflow job shop work for leading machine shops in the area. He has been steadily growing it every year, with extensive knowledge of manipulating CNC mills and lathes to make quality and precise parts. He plans to use that knowledge to make the best fit and finish game calls on the market. 

Being a partner in United Call Works is a dream come true for Casey. “This is bigger than just a call company to me”.  We plan to bring the hunting community and others together who share the same passions. One call at a time.

Casey’s goal is to grow United Call Works into something he can pass down to his children, allowing them to do things they love, while at the same time teaching them a good work ethic.